Wes Morris

Pastor & Elder

Jesus saved my soul a month before my 7th birthday when my 1st grade teacher shared the gospel with the class. Later that year we were in line waiting to go to lunch and she called on me to pray for the meal. After I prayed, she said, “Wes, you’re going to be a preacher one day.” I rebelled against this for nearly a decade, but I couldn’t escape God’s call on my life to serve Him. I attended Liberty University where I met the greatest woman I’ve ever known. In the 13 years that Erin & I have been married, we have watched God do things far beyond anything I ever could have imagined! I believe in the power of gospel-preaching revival and intend to spend my life giving everything I have toward that end.

I like outdoor, adrenaline filled adventures of any kind, cutting and stacking firewood, and spending time with Erin and our 5 great kids: Preston, Ella, Franklin, Quintin, and Joelle.