Michael Fitzgerald

Youth Director

I spent a good amount of my life chasing after the wind. I always felt as though I had a greater purpose, but instead juggled what the world had to offer, trying to fill a void that only Jesus could fill. When I was 26, I accepted Jesus as Savior. While I was a believer at this point, I resisted making Jesus my Lord. In 2018, I hit a hard fork in my life where I heard the Lord say to me that he was calling me into ministry. From that point forward, I decided I would no longer say “no" to what the Lord was calling me to do. This began a journey that led me to understand his calling for my life: to disciple lost teens. I feel a heavy burden to share and teach the Bible with our teens in hope that Jesus will rescue them before the world and all its empty pleasures drag them away.                                                        

My favorite things to do are spending time with my amazing wife Ali and our two munchkins, Sloan and Samuel. I would say I’m probably a plant geek and love anything that pertains to the outdoors other than spiders. I enjoy creative building projects, high energy activities, food, coffee, and desserts.