Jeff Linclon

Facilities Maintenance Director

I encountered God at the young age of 14 when He worked what I believe to be a miracle in my life. However, I spent my young adult years in a stubborn roller coaster battle with God. This continued until 2015. Then, through many hardships and struggles, I finally relented and accepted Jesus into my life. It was a long hard road, but the darkness of this life finally gave way to the light of His truth. Once you receive the blessing of His salvation, I believe at least for myself, there is no turning back. Why would you? Among the many activities I do, I enjoy serving in Rock ministries the most. I am involved with the Jail Ministry in Genesee County and also Early Childhood teaching the kindergartners on Sunday mornings.

 Anyone who knows me also knows I am an avid motorcycle rider and enjoy going on trips. I also love to build things - the more complicated the better.