Brian Motte

Family Pastor & Elder

God gave me a passion to lead children & teenagers to a true, life-changing relationship with Christ when I was a teen myself. I followed the Lord’s leading from my home in Florida to Liberty University where I was blessed to complete studies in student ministry and counseling. After several other ministry positions, my wife Kristy and I followed God to Fenton, Michigan in September 2011. Since moving to Michigan, we’ve been blessed to have our two daughters--Zoey & Lillian, and a son-Ezekiel. Through the years working with both kids and teens and having my own kids, God began to show me the need for parents to be the primary discipler in their child's life. This has developed a passion within me to disciple parents and through them, for their children to be fully devoted disciples of Christ.  

Food! The more unique, the more interested I am. I love cooking it, learning about it, and eating it!  I enjoy finding new hole-in-the-wall places to try.
I am a doer: hunting, fishing, snow sports, water sports, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, golf, etc. It doesn't really matter what it is, I love recreation, especially outdoors.