What is the cost to finish the Box from this point forward? 


How much have we spent already? 

-$2,519, 970

How much do we have left in the bank from the original 3 million given?

-About $610,000, but as people give this will go up each week 

How much do we need to raise? 

-$2,284,790 as of today

Will the Rock need to take a loan to finish? 

-During the 40 days of prayer and fasting we are hoping to see a miracle from the Lord or some clearer direction. Based on county and township permits, and our testimony to the community, we may be forced to finish sooner than later. We are also considering the rising cost of supplies and contractor services. In addition, we continue to see an increase in weekly attendance and will once again be out of room. All of these will play into the final decision of taking a loan. 

How much would the potential loan need to be? 

-About $2,200,000.  If the box giving increased we could see that amount go down. 

-Can we afford a loan payment?

The people of the Rock have been very faithful in giving, and while a loan payment is not ideal, the team feels we can take on the burden. We will continue to work hard to ensure that this loan payment will not affect our normal ministry efforts. The estimated loan payment is a little more than what we were paying to rent the school each month. 

Is this a complete buildout of the original plan? 

-This gives us legal occupancy with a divider wall to separate the main gathering area and the Family  Ministry area. Long term there are more walls and features that we would like to add over time. 

Have we signed a contract with R & J Construction yet? 

-No, R & J has been assisting us in understanding what needs to be done and to get new bids.  We will most likely move forward with a contract after the season of prayer and fasting. 

Who will be managing the contract with the new contractor?

-Our operations team will be responsible for the day to day management of the contract with direct oversight by the entire elder team. 

Do you think we will have pricing issues and miscommunication with this contractor also? 

-We are confident with the pricing this contractor is providing.  We will have a much more detailed contract with guaranteed maximum price and a firm completion date written in.  This was not the case with the previous contractor. 

When do you think we could see construction start again? 

-That will all depend on the final decision made.  If the Lord provides the money or we take a loan, we could see construction start in July. 

When could we see it finished? 

-This depends on when we start, but we have about 6 months of work left, but that does not account for weather delays or winter conditions. 

Can we see more detail on the cost? 

-Yes, you can see a full breakdown of the estimate on our website at www.rockfenton.com/thebox 

Have more questions?  Email us at questions@rockfenton.com