Adam Gaspar

Mens Ministry & Facilities Director

Growing up I was taken to a good church and was relatively involved though sports took up most of my time. I had a hard time seeing and understanding the gospel from what was close to me. In high school though I got to know several people who had a peace, joy, and sense of purpose in life that went beyond their jobs or day to day activities...they had a dynamic relationship with God through Christ Jesus. I asked questions about what they had that I wanted and how to know it was true, though I was distracted by sin for a few years. In my senior year of high school I turned to trust God for the forgiveness of my sins and to walk with him. Going to college God brought many opportunities to grow in my faith and also brought me close to Deanna, whom I married after I graduated. During our time together God has confirmed in me a passion to help people grow in their walk with God through various opportunities and responsibilities. He has made the next chapter in life clear by offering a chance to operate in my two primary giftings, training, and passions - working with my hands and teaching others here at the Rock. We look forward to how the Lord will use us in this new season.

Hobbies - In my free time you can find me playing golf, doing some reading or listening to a podcast to continue to learn, finding things to do with my family, trying a new meal to cook or working with my hands making something in the garage or around the house.